We have been creating online projects for more than 14 years and below we will tell you what we have developed, what we are proud of, what technologies we use, progress we have made.

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Online projects and products

All of the following projects and cases are described as of June 2018 or earlier. If you are reading these texts later, we may have already achieved great results and will update this website soon. Products and projects have been developed by our employees over the years, some projects are no longer supported by us, but we are proud to be part of these projects and the work we have done. We cannot release to the public the name and use of some products, if you want to know more, please contact us.


Is a web studio founded at the end of 2004. More than 500 projects had been developed during this time, we participated in many of them. Cosmos-Web is in the Top 50 studios in Russia. Its own CMS was developed at the start. Cosmos-Web is a golden partner of Bitrix. We take pride in its work and to work in it.


For those who love their home! Home products from more than 13,000 stores, more than 350,000 design ideas, architectural solutions and much more. MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, big data. We have invested funds, put our heart and soul, expertise into the project and are proud of its creation.


Educational materials from the best experts
ViLine.deti - all about the development of the child up to the age of 6, educational materials, tips and advice, more than 50 experts on one platform, available to subscribe to video tutorials. It was fun and inspiring two years of our lives. Thanks to the project for this experience.

Cloud storage

Our most rapid breakthrough, both in terms of professional growth and product development. Today, the number of daily viewed contents and downloading from the cloud storage racked up over 1 million, more than 5.5 petabytes of storage in secure, reliable and distributed storage.


A cloud resource management system for content storage, network and computing infrastructure built as an open-source solution. We were among the first to start using it at high loads and played a big part in the early development of this system.

Settlement aggregator

We have organized the acceptance and acquiring of more than a hundred different payment systems from classic to cryptocurrency in more than 80 countries, thousands of payments are being processed daily by our partners for our customers.

Video content search service

An automated service that enabled us to structure millions of video files from different websites, link them to our storage and present them to our customers on different platforms.


A platform for publishing video content from partners wishing to promote their content on the mass market. This is now one of our main development vector and soon we will present to our partners a platform that enables launching own tubes for the audience.
The name and use of some products we can not publish openly if you want to learn more Contact us

Technology, architecture, skills

High-load projects

Most of our projects are being developed with a large number of users in mind, and we actively use scaling out, server clusters, cloud environments.

Single Page Application (SPA)

We develop customer websites using the latest tools in the front-end world. We write SPA using REACT, the server part for working with SPA is built on NodeJs. By transferring our customers' platform to this technology, we have reduced the load on the server cluster by more than 10 times.

Microservice architecture (MSA)

Almost every large project in today's world has a set of services that can be created and maintained separately. Our experience enables us to develop projects in this technology, which speeds up the development process, lowers the cost of the software, reduces load on the servers.

MySql, PostgreSQL, NoSQL

For each project, we select the most appropriate database, depending on the load, data volume, distribution and provide “live” and periodic backups.

Mobile apps

We develop iOS (iPhone) and Android apps with the determination of the required business logic. 80% of the audience use some of our projects via smartphones.

24x7 monitoring and administration

All our projects have round-the-clock monitoring and server administration.


Continuous process of software integration and development implementation are very helpful for our work.

DDoS protection

We have faced this phenomenon and successfully support resources under ddos attack.


We have customers all around the world, depending on the needs of our customers, we connect different CDN services.


All our teams work in one- or two-week scrum constantly launching a product to the market.


We are actively involved in the development of the free and accessible software market.
We don't do any extra work. All the objectives to be developed are carefully weighed, the goals and the need for the project are analyzed.

Open vacancies

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